More than twelve years professional in the fashion industry, Jerry Luxenburg began his career in Rotterdam. Breaking the boundaries between fashion, art and finding beautiful architecture to decorate venues. Jerry Luxenburg has an extensive background in high fashion event productions. International fairs, fashion brands and designers frequently ask him for his unique show production style.

Jerry Luxenburg is a International fashion show producer but he
includes also B2B event manager, model casting director amongst
his titles for commercial brands and designers in at least nine
European countries including the Ukraine, Russian and Moldavian
fashion market. Jerry is responsible for the production part,
arranging backstage and frontstage logistics for all type events,
fashion shows, exhibitions and B2B.

In 2009 Jerry starts to learn the way of presens production wise
fashion shows, crafted art, video styling the past nine years and
combining luxury, sustainable settings and introduce the designer
table dressings the last three years at independent shows, ingoing
fashion programs and large lifestyle fairs.

Jerry Luxenburg
  • The founder and establisher of Salonè della Moda 2012 combining art and fashion in a luxury setting.
  • Four years the Fashion show producer for architect & living fair Excellent in Ahoy Rotterdam in combination with fashion.
  • More than 10 years professional in the fashion industry and event management.
  • Worked 2 year for fashion agent company Baby Phat and J.LO Watches USA.
  • Producing PR activities for fashion showrooms and selection international brands for individual fashion shows, fairs and platforms in Europe.
  • Succeeded in producing art galleries, combining fashion events, photo exhibits in Kiev and Odessa.
  • Choreographed over 290 individual small and large shows in the last 11 years.
  • Jerry Luxenburg won in 2018 the Ethical fashion Award presented by TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany for outstanding work for introducing art crafted and sustainable designers.
  • Responsible for selecting and producing show choreography with designers from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Germany and Serbian market.
  • Jerry Luxenburg is also the show producer and designer casting director of the Isis Fashion Award.
Exhibition Salonè della Moda

Fashion producer Jerry Luxenburg

Has selected and worked successfully with international emerging designers, brands and beauty brands such as: Pleasurements, Siska Gartika, Arrey Kono Berlin, Diesel, Patrizia Pepe, Michelangelo Winklaar, Klaudia Markiewicz, Minirine, House of Byfield, Mary Kay Ukraine, Vive Maria, Kathryn Milan, Pussy Deluxe, Gary Symor, Elvis Aigbedion, Kaho To, Eugenio London, American Hero, Kenax Leung, Anna Semionenko, Michael Herrera, Robine Blickman, Ana Grcic, Caroline Bouvier, Judith van Vliet, Mode by DUC, Ed Hardy swimwear, Richmart, June Tuto, Chris van den Elzen, Swinda van Dijk, Julia Struzh, Yordan Mihalev, Rick Lee, Jelena Dimitrijevic, Marina Klimchuk, FHM, Zouhair Benkabbou, Ece Ozalp, Skenia Schnaider, Sheguang Hu, SAPPH, Blumarine, MountanYam, Chloe Sung, Marco Pintius Steffano, Monica creation, Vlisco, Maison Close lingerie, Emporio Armani Netherlands, Hunkemoller, Corinne Monique, Ivan Donev, Barbara Bui, Rianne Hottinga, Julian David, Lena Carici, Baby Phat watches, Elena Ustinova, J.LO accessories, Yang Li, Anthony Vaccarello, Josh Santana, Kozak Vlad, Pearl Dronkers and many more exhibition artists for Salonè della Moda.


Responsible organizing and arranging backstage and frontstage logistics for all type fashion shows and exhibitions. As well searching for different types of venues.

During this process Jerry Luxenburg is coördinating catwalk coaching, choreography, backstage and frontstage light coordination.

Jerry’s biggest responsibility is making sure that the designers and brands message comes accros as precisely and clearly as possible.

Jerry Luxenburg operates on an international level. He organizes fashion shows and exhibitions where designers all over the world will be invited to present their work and also will be introduced to the professional network and press. Jerry Luxenburg collaborations will promote the transparency and diversity amongst designers on international level.


Have a strong ability to work in team environment. Managing many different areas for several clients simultaneously, does not get stressed under pressure.



Desire to push my self to continually learn, expand skill base and industry knowledge. Strong verbal communication skills.


Average 13 years of fashion shows, art and event production experience. Strong timemanagement skills, ability to multitask.
The ability to make average venues beautiful.

Credentials 1997-2020

1997-2001: Booker & founder Insaine models
Modelcast director and booker,  Milaan, Vienna, Paris
Showroom representative Rocka wear USA
The Organization, concept & show event producer
Sale representative Baby Phat watches and J.LO jewelry USA
Founder Stravagante PR
2012-till now: Founder Salonè della Moda
2020 till now: Fashion producer Isis Fashion awards Amsterdam

Credentials 2013
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 Jerry Luxenburg bring crafts back with designers that can show there crafts, storytelling,
sketches, movies and inspirations behind their collections and art.

I am interested in creating connection between emerging creatives, craftsmanship and new opinionated professionals and organizations. Jerry Luxenburg search outside his city and country to ambitious students, trends forecasters, social media nerds, movie makers, ballet choreographers, music junkies, just the ones who loves to experiment. All of this will be presented by using visuals at fashion shows and events. I am interested in creating connection between emerging creatives, craftmanship and new opinionated professionals and organizations.

Fashion producer on requist Consultancy at any fashion level

Seminar & Workshops

Seminars and workshops on request

  • Fashion academy
  • Art & fashion organizations

Fashion show production international & National

Fashion show production national & International

  • Indivudual Fashion show production (light, visuals)
  • Event production
  • Choreography shows and Exhibitions
  • Backstage & front coordinator (technical aspects )

Projects on request

Projects on request

  • Development programmes in Fashion & Art
  • Selecting entrepreneurs and creatives
  • Exhibition events
  • Installations

Modelcastings for brands & designers

Model castings for brands and designers on request

  • Selecting models for fashion shows, exhibition art forms
  • Selecting models for short movies and documentary
  • Catwalk coaching /training
  • Catwalk choreography and set up decoration catwalks

Trouble shooter on request

  • Need less time to produce a fashion show
  • Provides solutions in a very short time for projects
  • Foto production and editorial shoots


Contact management:

    On request show director production

    Instagram: jerryluxenburg
    Instagram: salonedellamoda

    Phone Netherlands:   +31 6 17 53 37 92
    Phone Ukraine        :   +380 93 343 528